Pam & Alex - Fazeley studios wedding

Wow!!! What a wedding!

Last month I had a blast photographing the wedding of Pam and Alex at Fazeley Studios, in the Custard Factory, Digbeth. 

I've known this couple for a good few years, as they are best friends with Neil and Hannah, who have also just got married recently. 

These guys are such nice people with such warm families. I've already been invited to stay with Pam's family in Ghana, but think I will pop in and see them in Staffordshire before then!! :)

I started coverage with bridal preparations at The Edgbaston, a fantastic boutique hotel, restaurant and cocktail lounge. Such a super stylish place to get ready in, I would highly recommend it. Amazing light too!! :) I then headed over to Digbeth to catch the guests arriving, and meet up with Alex. It soon occurred to me that there was a theme to this wedding, 1920's Art Deco inspired. 

Fazeley Studios is unique and very different from many of the venues me and Lou have photographed in. The ceremony took place in the main room, one wall was completely glass, and all the other walls were white, so light was bouncing all over the place! Such a wonderful ceremony, with a very special flower girl, Alex's Grandma who is in her 90's! This amazing lady walked down the aisle scattering rose petals, she is completely full of happy spirit it was infectious!

The bridal party headed over to Gibb Street for some photographs. The custard factory is full of character old and new, urban but beautiful, and Pam and Alex were so relaxed in front of the camera that I got more portrait shots than usual. 

Pam and Alex kindly sat me at a table for food so I could sit with the guests. It's never expected that we get fed at a wedding and me and Lou usually cater for ourselves, so it was a nice touch.

The first dance was brilliant, Pam and Alex started with a slow number then surprised everyone with a choreographed dance, 1920's Charleston! 

Thank you for letting me be part of your special day with all your lovely friends and family. I hope you love your photos.

Barry xxx

If you are planning an Fazeley Studios Wedding in the West Midlands, please do get in touch about your day.