What is Documentary Wedding Photography

The term documentary wedding photography seems to be getting more and more common place on wedding photographer's websites, but what does it mean. Documentary wedding photography is when one takes a photo-journalistic approach to documenting a wedding, through real, unobtrusive, upstaged and un posed photographs.

Wedding photographers often take control of the day, slowing it down at times, in order to get the shots they need. Quite often this leads to fed up guests and disheartened bride and grooms.

We believe that a natural photograph can help tell a story, and trigger a real memory. Being asked to pose for photographs won't evoke a real memory, just the memory of being asked to stand and smile, or worse... say cheese!  

Being a documentary or reportage photographer involves planning, an understanding of light and a really good amount of wedding photography experience. By understanding the flow of a wedding day it helps you foresee moments happening and allows you to capture then unnoticed. By using small fuji x series professional cameras we can get really close to our subjects without being obtrusive.

We have been taking documentary wedding photographs for over 6 years, and Barry has been a street photographer for nearly 10. Street photography is another type of documentary photography, but the reportage and realness parallels with weddings.